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Join hosts of ‘Financial Rebellion,’ Catherine Austin Fitts and Caroline Betts, as they share their health and financial freedom highlights of 2023. From moments on the show with special guests to the CHD Conference, Bus Tour and beyond, there is a lot to reflect back on with pride and gratitude. Tune in to this review of the year on CHD.TV!


New Ideas About Health

New Ideas About Health | Part 2

The National Citizens Inquiry Of Canada + Giving Thanks With Shawn Buckley

Children's Health Defense Africa Chapter

Student Loans: Licensed To Steal With Alan Collinge

The EU's Latest Proposal To Censor The Media

NOT GUILTY With Sucharit Bhakdi & Taylor Hudak

Your Bankers - Full Series

Stopping The Steal With John Titus

PHARMA FOOD: Biotech On Your Plate With Elze Van Hamelen

Solari - Food Series

CHD - The Attack On Food Symposium

BREAKING: Dr. Meryl Nass Slaps Maine Medical Board With First Amendment Lawsuit + More

Solari - 2023 Holiday Greetings

Food Freedom Foundation

Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

CHD - Donate

Hero Of The Week: June 26, 2023: Dr. Antonietta M. Gatti

World Outreach Church - Pastor Allen Jackson

Rev Melvin Bufford & The Mt. Salem Mass Choir - YouTube

NY Court Paves Way For Quarantine Camps

SPACE: The New Frontier For The Central Control Grid With Corey Lynn


Special Announcement: NEW Solution Series Exclusively On Corey's Digs & The Solari Report!

Centralizing Public Health Control With Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

Solari - Money-&-Markets-Report

A Brief History Of The Financial Coup D'etat

A Brief History Of The Financial Coup D'etat Part 2

Deep State Tactics 101

Where To Stash Your Cash In 2022