Surviving Healthcare



How can we navigate the modern healthcare system, when it seems to be failing us? We expect our ‘trusted’ medical professionals to be the ‘experts’ on our health, but oftentimes the cure proves worse than the disease, and the doctors and nurses lack the knowledge or training to truly provide respite for the underlying causes of our illness.

On top of all that, the medical establishment’s data tracking and financial transaction systems come with many strings attached, and understanding them can feel like wading through muddy waters. Take payment options, for example — insurance or cash? And concerning the database which logs all our records, is it safe from cyberattacks or surveillance?  

Knowledge is power, and it is more important than ever to take control of your health. It begins by understanding how the system operates and having strategies in your toolbox in order to advocate for yourself and your family. Listen in to ‘Financial Rebellion,’ this week, for an educational and empowering episode on navigating healthcare.


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